EZ Legal Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a private company that offers certain legal solutions to the public directly at very affordable prices, in addition to offering advertising opportunities for attorney firms via AttorneysDirectory.co.za. The public basically consider us as an online alternative to any attorney firm offering similar services, in the particular field of law. When it comes to our legal solutions and service offerings, we strive to be more efficient, more effective and more affordable than any of our competitors, which is why our slogan is:- "Simply better..."


Our web-based services means that you don't have to schedule any appointments or waste time in a law firm's reception area. We offer truly tried and tested online remedies in conjunction with a law firm that is exclusively dedicated to us and our needs, which means you get the benefit - no prescribed tariffs, no exorbitant accounts and no undisclosed expenses resulting in 'run away' legal fees - we offer:

1) Free consultations;

2) Free problem analysis;

3) Free advice; and

4) All-inclusive "capped" fees.


Feel free to peruse our various websites and compare our service offerings. Should you make use of our services, you will receive access to our para-legals, attorneys and other specialists in the particular field of law. You will be amazed at how easy it is... We ARE the right choice for YOU!


We will keep rolling out more products and services - keep visiting our website...

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